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The Fallen Riders Membership Card: Unlocking Exclusive Benefits and VIP Experiences

The Fallen Riders Membership Card: Unlocking Exclusive Benefits and VIP Experiences


  1. Exclusive Discounts:

    • The Fallen Riders membership card grants holders access to a variety of discounts at participating businesses. These discounts can range from special rates on motorcycle parts and accessories to savings on services and experiences relevant to motorcycle enthusiasts.

    • Members can enjoy these perks at various local and national retailers, service providers, and event vendors, maximizing the value of their membership beyond the events themselves.

  2. VIP Access at Events:

    • Membership card holders are granted VIP access at Fallen Riders events, including CSBK and Bagger League Racing events. This exclusive access may include entry to VIP areas with optimal viewing spots, ensuring an enhanced experience at the races.

    • VIP sections may offer amenities such as comfortable seating, exclusive bars, and other premium services that elevate the event experience for members.

  3. Priority Entry and Special Offers:

    • The membership card allows for priority entry into events, helping members skip long queues and get straight into the heart of the action.

    • Special offers, such as early bird access to event tickets, merchandise deals, or unique experiences, are also available exclusively to cardholders.

  4. Networking and Community Building:

    • VIP sections at events serve as excellent networking opportunities, allowing members to connect with other enthusiasts, industry professionals, and special guests in a more intimate setting.

    • The membership card acts as a bridge, fostering community spirit and camaraderie among the motorcycle community.

  5. Recognition and Brand Partnerships:

    • The card is a symbol of belonging to the Fallen Riders community, a group dedicated to supporting and advocating for riders' rights and safety.

    • Partnerships with brands and businesses for the discounts and VIP experiences are carefully selected to align with the needs and interests of motorcycle enthusiasts, ensuring relevance and added value for members.


Overall, the Fallen Riders membership card is more than just a pass to events; it’s a gateway to a range of benefits and exclusive experiences tailored to enrich the lifestyle of motorcycle enthusiasts. It represents a commitment to providing value, enjoyment, and unique opportunities to its members, strengthening the bond within the motorcycle community.





Royal Distributing 


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Crunch Fitness  Corporate Discount 

Welcome to the Crunch Family

There are no judgments here – No too much or not enough. No glares of disapproval. Here we keep open minds. We are nurturers. We seek only to encourage, empower and entertain. There is no one type. There is no one reason. There is no one way.

What we are is a diverse community; what we have is a culture of fun; what there is, is room for everyone: all kinds of people with all kinds of goals who’ve chosen to come reach them with us.

Crunch. No Judgments.


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Mad Hatter Industries is not your average apparel company.

The apparel is a bonus and a great way to spread the idea behind creating a community that supports each other and has their brothers or sister's back when in need. It's about inspiring and motivating each other to overcome whatever adversity they may face. Whether it's anxiety from stepping out the door or worrying about flashbacks from your first or last tour.

When you purchase an item from our store you make a promise to yourself that you will take 'No Quarter' with the struggles that you are dealing with. You will not accept having them rule your life and will take 'no prisoner' or 'terms' with your issue. You will not allow it to dictate what you can or cannot do.

You are the Master and Commander of your life and we are here to assist by steering you in the right direction. If you are stuck in a rocky spot or have been set adrift, we will right your sail and put you on the proper course to recovery and success. It starts with you and it ends with you. Everything you do going forward is your choice to make. But we are here to help.


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Heart 2 Hand 

Heart 2 Hand Tattoos, nestled in the vibrant heart of Peterborough, Ontario, joins the Fallen Riders Membership Program, offering an exclusive 10% discount on tattoos for members. As pioneers in the art of tattooing, Heart 2 Hand Tattoos is renowned for its exceptional custom designs, detailed black & gray work, and striking color tattoos. Their team of artists, led by the acclaimed Jay, aka Drama Diablo, and Jonny March, brings decades of collective experience and a deep passion for their craft to every piece they create.

This summer, Heart 2 Hand Tattoos takes their art on the road, partnering with Fallen Riders Events to bring live tattooing to motorcycle events across Ontario. Members can expect not just a discount but a unique opportunity to commemorate their love for the ride with ink, as the team sets up shop at various stops on the tour. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a personal milestone, honor a memory, or simply add to your collection of art, Heart 2 Hand Tattoos promises a personalized and unforgettable experience. Check out their work and book your session at Heart 2 Hand Tattoos – where every tattoo tells a story.



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DP Brakes, the leading manufacturer in high-performance brake technology, is proud to announce its partnership with the Fallen Riders and the exhilarating V-Twin Races. Known for pioneering sintered metal brake pads for motorcycles, DP Brakes offers riders unparalleled stopping power and reliability. This season, they're not just stopping at providing top-tier braking solutions; they're also supporting the heart-pounding V-Twin Nationals as a key sponsor. In addition, DP Brakes is extending an exclusive discount to Fallen Riders members, alongside contributing premium brake products to the V-Twin Nationals prize list. This collaboration underscores DP Brakes' commitment to the motorcycle community, ensuring that riders have access to the best in braking technology while also celebrating the spirit of competition and camaraderie on the race track.

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