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Welcome to Fallen Riders – the heartbeat of the motorcycle community in Ontario. Our story is one of passion, resilience, unity, and the sheer joy of riding.

Our Roots: Founded by Ray Bonner, a survivor of a grave motorcycle accident, Fallen Riders started as a beacon of hope for those in the motorcycle community facing adversity. Ray's journey of recovery inspired the foundation of an organization that stands as a pillar of support and advocacy for riders' rights and welfare. Joined by Colter Couperthwaite, an avid rider since childhood and the resident DJ and event organizer, Fallen Riders has grown into a formidable force in the motorcycle event landscape.

Our Mission: At Fallen Riders, our mission is simple yet profound – to create a community where no rider ever feels alone. Whether tackling legal challenges, medical hardships, or simply looking for camaraderie on the road, we are here. We celebrate the freedom and thrill that riding brings and provide a safety net for those who face the unexpected turns of life.

What We Do:

  • Event Organization: We are behind some of Canada’s largest and most dynamic motorcycle events. Our calendar is packed with a variety of events including the groundbreaking V-Twin Nationals, exhilarating amateur drag racing leagues, and the spectacular Canadian Bagger Race.

  • Community Support: We provide a helping hand and emotional support to riders facing difficulties. Our unity is our strength in overcoming any obstacle.

  • Networking and Engagement: Through our online forums and marketplace, members connect, share stories, and gain access to a wide range of biking accessories and gear.

  • Promotion of Safety: Safety awareness is at the core of our activities. We actively participate in events and shows across Ontario to spread the message of safe riding.

  • VIP Member Experiences: Members enjoy exclusive access to various events, special offers, and unique experiences.

Our Impact: With over 300,000 interactions on Facebook in Ontario and a growing presence at various events and shows, we are more than an organization – we are a movement. Our events are designed not just for entertainment but as platforms for bringing riders together, creating a shared experience that goes beyond the ride.

Join Us: Be part of a community that rides together and stands together. At Fallen Riders, every member is family. We journey together, sharing the road, the laughter, and the challenges. Sign up and experience the true spirit of motorcycle riding with us.

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Ray Bonner Founder/ Director of Operations  

Meet Ray Bonner – The Resilient Heart Behind Fallen Riders**

In 2007, Ray Bonner's life took a dramatic turn following a devastating head-on collision. The aftermath was a harrowing journey of endurance and resilience: two brain surgeries, two shoulder surgeries, a crushed foot, loss of 50% of his vision for five years, a battle with a seizure disorder causing up to eight seizures a day, and a strenuous fight against PTSD. But in the wake of adversity, Ray emerged not only as a survivor but as a beacon of hope and support for others.

Today, Ray stands tall as the founder of the Fallen Rider Support Team, transforming his life-threatening experience into a force for good. His mission is clear and heartfelt – ensuring that no one ever feels alone when navigating the complex webs of legal and medical systems after a motorcycle accident.

Beyond his advocacy, Ray is a passionate Powersports enthusiast. He participates in Powersports activities throughout the year, embodying the spirit of adventure and resilience. His presence is a constant at hundreds of events and local shows across Ontario, where he actively promotes safety awareness – a testament to his commitment to the riding community.

If you're at an event in Ontario, chances are you'll cross paths with Ray. When you do, take a moment to introduce yourself. You won't just be meeting the founder of Fallen Riders; you'll be connecting with a real rider who's dedicated his life to helping others. His story isn't just about overcoming obstacles; it's about turning those obstacles into pathways for supporting and uplifting the riding community.

Ray's journey is a powerful reminder of the strength and solidarity inherent in the motorcycle community. His efforts go beyond advocacy; they forge a bond that unites riders in times of need and celebration alike. The Fallen Riders Support Team is more than an organization – it's a family, and Ray is the heart that keeps it beating strong.



Colter Couperthwaite

Events Manager

Introducing Colter Couperthwaite, a.k.a DJ Insomniak – The Rhythmic Force Behind Fallen Riders

Meet Colter Couperthwaite, also known as DJ Insomniak, a name that resonates with passion and dedication in the motorcycle community. His journey with bikes began at the tender age of 4, and since then, his love for two wheels has only grown stronger. Today, Colter, as DJ Insomniak, stands as the dynamic resident DJ and event organizer at Fallen Riders, playing a pivotal role in orchestrating some of Canada's largest and most vibrant motorcycle events.

His flair for event management is matched only by his expertise in music, creating atmospheres that truly capture the spirit of motorcycle culture. As DJ Insomniak, his skillful mixing and deep understanding of rhythm bring an electrifying energy to every event, making them unforgettable experiences for all who attend.

But Colter's contributions to the motorcycle world don't stop there. Alongside his brothers, he co-owns 'Old School Biker', a motorcycle apparel brand that embodies the essence of biker culture. This venture showcases his commitment not only to the thrill of the ride but also to the lifestyle and fashion that represent the heart and soul of the biking community.

His multifaceted involvement – from managing major events to providing the soundtrack for the open road as DJ Insomniak, and offering stylish apparel for fellow riders – makes Colter a prominent figure in the motorcycle scene. His dedication and hard work have been instrumental in bringing the motorcycle community together, not just as riders, but as a family united by a shared passion.

Colter's vision for Fallen Riders goes beyond organizing events; it's about creating a platform where riders can come together, celebrate their love for motorcycles, and make lasting memories. His journey is a testament to his relentless spirit and commitment to the motorcycle community – a journey that began with a young boy on a bike, and evolved into a lifelong quest to celebrate and elevate the world of motorcycling as DJ Insomniak.

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Shawn Maroney

Dynamic, Resilient, and People-Centric: The Story of Shawn Maroney

From the thrill of homemade dirt bikes to the roaring engines of Harley-Davidsons, Shawn Maroney's journey with motorcycles has been nothing short of extraordinary. As a child, he didn't have the means for his own dirt bike, but the kindness of friends and their Honda 50cc mini-bikes ignited a lifelong passion for riding.


For over 30 years, Shawn has been a dedicated rider, experiencing the freedom of the open road on his Harley-Davidson. But it's not just the love for bikes that defines him; his journey is also a tale of resilience. In 2005, a severe motorcycle accident disrupted his career as a professional host, leaving him to navigate a complex legal and health journey. Despite a challenging settlement process, his spirit remained unbroken.

His resilience was further tested in 2018 with another accident. This time, he reached out to Fallen Riders, finding an immediate, professional support system that transformed his recovery experience. The efficient and stress-free process with Pace Law and Fallen Riders led to a satisfying resolution, reinforcing his belief in the incredible support the organization offers.


Beyond the road, Shawn boasts an impressive 40-year career in hosting live corporate events and trade shows across Canada and the U.S. His most electrifying experiences include hosting extreme sports events, like the Coors Light Trauma Tours. His dynamic presence also extends to radio stations, club DJing, emceeing, voice acting, and even behind the scenes as a recording engineer and producer. 

But that's not all – his entrepreneurial spirit shines through in his role as the owner/operator of Maroney's Small Engine Repair, showcasing his versatility and depth of skills.


Above all, Shawn's passion for people stands out. He revels in creating and being a part of events that bring joy and excitement to people's lives, perfectly aligning with the spirit of Fallen Riders. His journey reflects not just his love for motorcycles and events, but his unwavering commitment to community, resilience, and bringing happiness to those around him. 

Shawn Maroney is more than just a member of the Fallen Riders family; he's a testament to the power of community support and the joy of life on two wheels.


Our Network started years back when we were injured ourselves and had to navigate the system. Based on personal experience and realizing how difficult it could be for families and newly injured people in Ontario we decided to come up with a support system to help people get through that and navigate with ease. Hearing stories from people that didn’t know which way to turn after their accidents was the beginning for us to take a stand and start advocating and fighting to help people take the next step in the proper direction. People always say that it will never happen to them but what do you do when it does? This is what we realized was happening to a lot of people and that they needed the help and guidance. We get lots of calls from family and friends but over the years of doing this it has spread amongst the power sports community and our Outreach Program now spreading all over the Province of Ontario. We are extremely proud of our progress in the community and proud to be able to help as many families as we have.

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