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Vendor Sign Up Page 

Welcome to the Vendor Opportunities section at Fallen Riders Events! This is where businesses become a part of something bigger, tapping into the vibrant energy of Ontario's motorcycle racing and community scene. Our events aren't just about high-octane races; they're about creating a hub where businesses, riders, and fans unite, celebrating the thrill and culture of motorcycling.
As a vendor with Fallen Riders Events, you embark on an exciting journey. Whether you're a startup or an established name, our events offer a unique platform to showcase your products and services to a passionate and engaged audience. It's more than just a space to sell; it's an opportunity to embed your brand in the heart of a community that values authenticity, adventure, and camaraderie.
Our commitment to vendors goes beyond providing a spot in our events. We believe in building relationships and offering a supportive environment where businesses can thrive. By joining us, you gain access to our extensive marketing reach, benefit from our robust promotional efforts, and connect with a dedicated fanbase.
Our events cover a range of motorcycle activities — from thrilling drag races and superbike showdowns to family-friendly shows and gatherings. This diversity ensures that your business gets exposure across various demographics, making it an ideal platform for brand expansion and customer engagement.
Whether you're selling motorcycle gear, offering unique food options, or providing lifestyle products, being a vendor at Fallen Riders Events means being part of an ever-growing, dynamic community. It's an invitation to share your passion, grow your customer base, and be part of the most exhilarating motorcycle events in Ontario.
09_Metal Backgrounds.jpg

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