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Sponsorship Opportunities 

Maximize Your Brand's Impact with Premier Sponsorship Opportunities at Fallen Riders' Thrilling Motorcycle Events"

Race Season Sponsorships 

The following are expanded opportunities for sponsorships across Ontario with The Fallen Riders 

Park and Banner Advertisements:

Our events offer unique spaces filled with motorcycle enthusiasts, providing an ideal backdrop for your custom banners. Imagine your brand being showcased in high-traffic areas across various locations in Ontario, from Shannonville to GrandBend and beyond. These banners will not only enhance your brand visibility but also allow you to connect directly with a dedicated community of riders and fans, offering continuous exposure throughout each event.

Music and DJ Sponsorships:

As the sponsor of the music and DJ booth, your brand will gain substantial recognition. Your advertisements and commercials will be played all weekend long, resonating with the crowd through the dynamic and engaging presence of our resident DJ, DJ Insomniak. This sponsorship extends your reach beyond visual ads, embedding your brand within the unforgettable auditory experience of the event.

VIP Section Sponsorships:

Sponsor one of the most exclusive parts of our events - the VIP sections. These areas, like the coveted corner 1 in the grandstands, are frequented by dedicated fans and important figures in the motorcycle community. As a sponsor, your brand will be associated with luxury and exclusivity, offering premium visibility and enhancing brand prestige. This is an opportunity to be recognized as a supporter of the motorcycle community in a significant and memorable way.

Show and Shine Prize Sponsorships:

Align your brand with the excitement of competition by sponsoring prizes for the Show and Shine events. This offers a dual benefit – recognition for supporting local talents and enthusiasm in the racing community, and brand visibility at all V-TWIN NATIONALS events. Your brand will be associated with rewarding excellence and passion in motorcycle racing, creating a lasting positive image among participants and spectators alike.

Firework Show Sponsorships:

Sponsor our spectacular firework shows, synced to music every Saturday night, and enjoy the benefits of a unique and powerful advertising medium. As a sponsor, your brand will be associated with the grandeur and excitement of these shows, offering a memorable spectacle for all attendees. This kind of sponsorship ensures that your brand is remembered long after the lights have dimmed, associated with the breathtaking climax of each event night.

V-Twin Nationals Trophies and Awards Sponsorships:

Directly support the racing community by sponsoring trophies and awards for the V-Twin Nationals. This not only enhances your brand's visibility but also aligns it with the core values of sportsmanship and excellence in the racing world.

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